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    My name is Brianna zajicek, and if I’m honest, theres zero reason I should be standing before you today. And if I’m even more honest, there’s zero reason I should be the person I am today.


    I grew up in a small town Georgia, my mother was a teen mom and high school dropout, my father’s story is that he dropped out of college because he much preferred dropping acid to spending time in the library.


    But much like many of you, I was born fully aware of my potential. My mother being a religious sort, as most people of poverty have no choice but to look to someone bigger than themselves when they feel so small. She used to tell me, God is an Architect. Of course I had no idea know what that meant, but I knew it felt good.


    At 3 years old while the other children were playing, I was plotting. My favorite show was This Old House, it was on public broadcasting, and it was an old man, who restored old homes, to me it was magic, he created something out of nothing, and I knew I wanted to be him.


    God was an architect, he made miracles, Tom Silva was an architect, he made happy homes, and I needed both. It became my go to show, I never was much for cartoons. For my 3rd Christmas I asked for a drafting table as my present, partially because I knew every architect had one, and partially because it fit into my grand scheme.


    A few weeks later, I was in Walmart with my parents. I picked out the most elaborate bead and necklace making kit I could find. As usual my parents uttered, “we can’t afford that, put it back,” this time I didn’t bother to listen as I explained “I’ve got money, I’ve got my Christmas money”. We neared the register and the cashier swiped my kit, and I swiftly handed over my money. The cashier looked at my parents and laughed, I was mortified. This “money” was from Christmas, but it wasn’t a gift, it was from my tracing table, I’d spent weeks tracing dollar after dollar one by one in hopes of being able to solve the problem of money. You see that table was for me to draw my family a better home, and to create the money we didn’t have. That was my first real lesson in life, I learned that no matter how close you come, copying will never get you the same results as the original.


    Now I want you to fully grasp the meaning of this. Many of you are entrepreneurs, looking for answers, magic formulas, marketing gurus, and you’ll be offered many opportunities to copy someone else’s answers. To follow the known path and follow in the footsteps of giants. I urge you to resist this temptation, an original is just that, original, you can’t copy someone else’s formula to success, because you have your own formula hidden inside you. A true mentor doesn’t provide you with the magic formula but teaches you how to uncover your own magic answers.



    As I grew up I continued solving problems one by one, some of them ethically and some of them not so ethically. I was 4 years old the first time I skipped school, I skipped school to take care of my crying newborn brother left alone in his crib, I skipped school to pull a chair up to the stove and boil his bottle. By 15 I’d been in trouble my fair share of times.


    By the time I was 16, something changed. I was late to school nearly everyday of my life, my dad would drop me off and struggle to come up with the 1.25 cents it cost for lunch, often telling me he’d go look for it and come back. I wasn’t the best student, I’d been suspended more times than I could count, I had some A’s and some D’s. But I had this knowing, something deep inside me knew that if I didn’t leave this town now I never would. Like many of you, I always knew I was meant for more, that I had “potential”…But how was I going to turn that “potential” into “reality”. I made a decision that I was going go to college early. I didn’t think about it, I didn’t doubt it, fear it, feel unworthy of it, I DECIDED IT. That would be one of many DECISIONS in my life that charted me on a different path, the path of fulfilling my potential. Many people over estimate the power of knowledge, they over estimate the power of resources, yet they underestimate the power of deciding…You see the magic of deciding is that once you FULLY DECIDE, it’s not a matter of IF IT HAPPENS, it’s a matter of WHEN IT HAPPENS.


    A few months later I find myself in Walmart again, this time shopping for school supplies for the next year of high school which was about to begin. As we neared checkout I began getting nervous, I began looking at my feet anxiously avoiding eye contact, and then we entered the line and I blurted out, “ Mom I don’t need any of these supplies, because I’m not going to high school anymore”…She stared at me half bewildered and half enraged, “Oo yes you are, what do you mean you aren’t going to high school anymore”. It was then and there in front of the whole town in Walmart I let her know I’d been accepted to college on full scholarship before even graduating high school. As you can imagine she was confused, here I was suspended every single year since 6th grade, getting sent to the office on the regular, and bringing home less than stellar grades. But it was all true.


    You see, once I DECIDED my DESTINY, I CHARTED MY PLAN. I first found the colleges that were known for accepting minors, I then found the programs to get into college early, I then found the ones I could get into without my parents approval, I then sought getting my principal and guidance counselors sign off, I then decided to score perfect on my SAT so I had a chance. I then figured out what housing allowed minors, signed up for classes, and applied for even more scholarships.



    I CREATED A BLUEPRINT. A step by step strategic action plan to get me from where I was to where I wanted to be, to massively transform my life quickly. I knew that just as a house isn’t constructed without a plan, neither should my life. Some of you today are wondering through life, waiting to be inspired, hoping from one thing to the next, not knowing what step is next, and working on 10 things at once. I knew that a blueprint was required, it didn’t matter whether if you are building the Sacred Family Cathedral in Barcelona, or you are building a cabin in the words, having a blueprint doesn’t make what you are designing any less of an art, it just ensures you know how to bring your vision to life.


    A Lamborghini is truly a work of art, but it was brought to life not by a haphazard vision but by a detailed production blueprint. Construction didn’t begin on a single beautiful showroom before the vision was turned into a detailed step by step plan. And even you weren’t brought to life except for the detailed blueprint we call DNA. This blueprint I built, was the first of many blueprints which helped me to focus on one singular outcome, THE NEXT STEP. I learned that day and many after that the only step that matters is the next step, and that next step better be aligned with the blueprint you’ve designed to turn your artistic dream into reality


    Those next steps lead me from that small town as a teen mom and college dropout to a phd researcher who’s build and sold multiple companies. Mind you, I did this in a matter of months. I honed in on my gift to DECIDE to overcome my challenges, DESIGN my life, and relentlessly turn my dreams into my reality. As I look at each of you successful entrepreneurs today, I wonder, how many things are you working on? How many of those are an original and how many a copy? Are your actions aligned with your blueprint? Do you know the next step in turning your dreams into your reality.


    • In 2010, only 8 years ago. I was a teen mom, and I’d dropped out of college. I had no car, no license, and zero career. I got from there to where I am today by becoming the architect of my life.
    • In 2010 I was jobless, and I decided to by a home, less than a year later I was a home owner
    • In 2011 I was a server, and I decided to start a career, less than a year later I was earning 6 figures
    • In 2012 I was an admin assistant, and decided I would be a millionaire, about a year later I’d led a company from 6 million to 40 million
    • In 2013 I was a corp exec, and decided I would be an entrepreneur, less than a year later I was an entrepreneur with investors who’d exited
    • In 2014 I was in search of what was next, and I decided to start another company, less than a year later I was a 7 figure business owner
    • In 2015 I was ready for the next level, so I decided to become a researcher, less than a year later I’d become a phd researcher studying the science of success as an entrepreneur


    Hopefully you’re beginning to see a pattern here. Whatever I wanted, I decided it was mine, created a blueprint, and achieved it in just one year.


    Since that day in Walmart, I created what is now known as The One Year Project. It’s goal is simple, What can you accomplish in one year? One year of taking aligned actions every single day. One year of focusing fully on the next step. One year of becoming your potential? One year with a millionaire mindset? One year of discovering your magic formula. One year of living a life by design. One year of turning your dreams into your reality, every factory has a blueprint for production, what are you producing in the next one year, and do you have your blueprint?


    • Dream Your Vision
    • Live Life By Design
    • Be An Original
    • Find Your Own Magic Formula
    • Decide Your Destiny
    • Build Your Blueprint
    • Focus on The Next Step
    • Take Action Daily
    • Begin Your One Year Project
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