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71 Ways To Be Successful In 2018

The Business Hacks I Use Daily

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61 Ways to Increase Your Chances of Massive Success in 2018

  1. Create a simple and effective morning routine that excites you
  2. If you don't want to be doing it in 5 years then don't do it today
  3. Think quarterly instead of long term
  4. Condense all your big goals into “3 month chunks”
  5. Screw your competitors, and just be you
  6. Forget multi-tasking, pick one thing that if you do it you will be one step closer to your goal, and just focus on that one thing
  7. Plan each and everyday, run your days, don't let them run you. Time block for things that matter or else they'll end up neglected
  8.  Stop confusing yourself, don't work on anything until you know it's 100% an obsession, if not then above all find your obsession
  9. Ethically clean up your life, if you were to get that massive success you want tomorrow, would you be ready?
  10. Surround yourself with people as good or better than you at everything you want to be good at
  11. Be about what you are about - if spirituality is you thing then fine, if facebook ads are your thing then fine, but find one thing and spend your time consuming content, creating content, and discussing that thing with other people
  12. Identify the 80/20 of life -What are the 20% of actions that generate 80% of your results - What are the 20% of day that lead to 80% of your frustration? - Who are your top 20% of audience and customers?
  13. Don't launch another half ass product or service when you can't even sell your current product or service
  14. Listen to Podcasts
  15. Screw New Year’s resolutions
  16. Sit down this weekend and plan out your big goal and your weekly goals for the next 3 months.
  17. Then figure out the specific daily action steps you need to take to hit those goals.
  18. It's never too late to design a life you love
  19. Stop comparing yourself to others in your industry, not them as people, and not their business, stay focused on who you are
  20. Journal daily, get that stuff that's stuck in your head out, so you can move on, put those ideas, fears, goals, visions, affirmations on paper and watch how they begin to change.
  21. Don't chase new customers, seek to better understand your current customers/clients. By understanding and knowing them you will know exactly what to do to find more of them.
  22. Stop thinking that all you need is the right sales funnel
  23. What you really need is the right target with the right offer.
  24. Solve a specific problem for specific person in a specific niche that you specify in
  25. Make focus a priority
  26. You don't know what to focus on because you don't know what's important to you. Focus is the key to success, if you don't want to spend every moment of every day focusing on it, then it's not for you
  27. Don't automate until you know what works, you learn that by interacting with your ideal client/customer every single day, there's no way around this
  28. Know your "why" what are you really looking to accomplish how are you expecting this goal to make you feel? Do you want a Ferrari because you love fast cars or do you want one because you are trying to gain the respect and admiration of others...Because if you get the Ferrari and you still haven't satisfied the underlying need to be good enough, to feel important, to feel respected, it won't matter and you won't be happy.
  29. Don't start a business because you want less stress. Don't buy a car because you want respect. Don't get a degree because you want a job..
  30. Dominate one platform before moving to another
  31. If you’re not already killing it on one platform, there’s no reason for you to be on Facebook and LinkedIn and Instagram and Snapchat and Pinterest and YouTube.
  32. Get a mentor, but believe in yourself more. Believe that you have the answers inside you too, believe that their's nothing that they have that you don't except for time and experience. Don't become a clone.
  33. Realize that the most valuable asset is time, not money
  34. Focus on 1000 true fans. And for every single one of your first 1000 become obsessed with them, over interact, and over deliver. These will become your money makers, your evangelists, and your biggest source of marketing
  35. Build a culture not a brand
  36. Take time to care for yourself and those important to you on weekends and holidays, you'll thank me later
  37. Don’t try to sell everything all at once when you are just starting out, information products, physical products, and services at the same time until you hit at least 100K a month with one of them first.
  38. Pick one focus, and master it first.
  39. Learn to be yourself, transparent and authentic at all times. If you think someone is going to be a difficult client then say so, if you think your mentor is wrong say so, speak up and stand up for your truth, that's where the real conversations begin
  40. Stop being afraid to tell people what you have to offer, if you have something to offer that is valuable and that solves a real problem then by all means shout it from the rooftop, it's your duty to share your gifts with as many people as possible and to help others, and yes make money in the process
  41. Stop trying to be fancy, you don't need a bot, you don't need a 10 step funnel and fancy software, you need a solution to a real problem, you need to know where your customers are.
  42. You need a business model before you scale.
  43. Stop pretending to be an expert when you aren't, much better to tell people where you are and what you are learning and let them learn from your mistakes then pretend to have it all figured out and look like a fool.
  44. Get better at reverse engineering your income.If you know your goal is to make $100,000 a year, then all you need is 17 people at $500/month. It's a lot easier when you look at it this way.
  45. Don't take clients you can't make happy. They will ruin your business, steal your time, ask for refunds, and ruin your joy. Spend your time on grateful people, trust me it's a game changer.
  46. Decide what kind of person you want to be, and don't waver. The more consistent you are, the more people will trust you, and the quicker you will grow.
  47. Review your goals every morning, and the journal or write them down as if they've already come true.
  48. Don’t be afraid to piss people off that's when you know you are working your niche, you aren't for everyone, and that's good, because that means you'll be perfect for someone.
  49. Stop regularly and look at the big picture, don't get lost in the little details.
  50. Meet colleagues, peers, mentors, customers, clients, in person whenever possible. Social media is great but can't replace real live people
  51. Review progress weekly, quarterly, and yearly.
  52. Create a 1-2 page Target Audience document that you can use as a reference for all of your marketing
  53. Read books, lots of books, books on psychology, marketing, business, relationships, sales, philosophy, science. It's when you can pull things together that you've gained true wisdom
  54. Support your circle. Whenever possible refer other people to your friends and peers for work, they will return the favor 10X every single time.
  55. Interact with your social media audience daily. Interact with your email list weekly.
  56. Start your business with a clearly defined target audience and offer, this is the key to a successful business model
  57. Do what you say you are going to do. If you say you will send them the email by tomorrow afternoon, it better be sent by tomorrow afternoon. Nothing turns clients away quicker than you not delivering before they even get started
  58. The best entrepreneurs don't give a crap about their competitors, because of this they are always thinking of new better ways to do things that are the current "status quo"
  59. Sell out, then increase your prices and repeat. Then hire a team and scale.
  60. Meditate, make it a point to destress and clear your mind each day. A clear mind attracts genius. A stressed mind attracts chaos.
  61. Stop buying courses and not finishing or taking them. Stop thinking you aren't ready to launch. People learn by trying, by trying to stand and falling. They rarely learn by sitting on the sidelines and studying other peoples success, they learn by failing over and over until they finally start to walk.
  62. “You can tell if something's a priority by looking at your CALENDAR and your SPENDING. If you're spending TIME and (optionally) MONEY on something, it just might be a priority. If you're not, forget about it.” -- Ramit Sethi
  63. More important than to decide what you are about is to decide what you aren't about. Who aren't you willing to work with, what aren't you willing to work on, what aren't you an expert on...Then use that as a litmus test before taking on any new work
  64. Don't try to have all the answers. It's much better to say you don't specialize in that or you don't know than to pretend to be something you aren't.
  65. Stay patient, work on your life's work, so that even if it takes a few years, you won't ever give up, and you'll keep going when times are tough
  66. Believe in yourself and your idea, no one else has your vision, no one else will understand, because no one else is you, and you just need to understand that
  67. Niche down, then niche again. The less people you serve the greater your chance at success
  68. Don't build it unless you've already sold it, stop spending months building things no one wants, or you don't know how to sell.
  69. Stop procrastinating, and start today
  70. Understand that life doesn't happen to you but for you and by you. So design one you love and make adjustments along the way, whatever you do take action daily.
  71. Most of all, I believe in you. Keep going. Keep dreaming. Start Doing. Start Being. Let your journey begin!
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