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Clickfunnels Vs. Leadpages

Which do I use and why?

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Which landing page creator is your best bet, leadpages or clickfunnels?

I use both clickfunnels and leadpages to this day. Which some people might consider wasteful, but for me it works, and here's why.

Full disclosure, you can very likely do the same with both. But based on their intuitive usage here's what I've found each works best at most naturally.

Leadpages PROS

  • Their pages/templates look "prettier" in my opinion
  • They look more "website like" than "scammy marketer" like
  • I personally use them anytime I have a "free lead magnet" which isn't tied to a purchase (for example I want to give someone the 10 steps to XYZ) but I'm not directly selling something related to that freebie right now
  • I think that leadpages works best for warm paid offers (warm as in a warm audience, people who already sorta know you
  • I think that leadpages works best for 2 step funnels (optin page and thank you page) or (sales page and thank you page)
  • Leadpages is most simpler and easier to use
  • I use leadpages for non-paid traffic (aka to send people from my social media or from my email list) but never ads
  • Example funnel I use leadpages for:
    • low ticket offer that I don't run ads to, mainly promote it organically to my warm audience, aka those people already on my list or on my social media who know me
    • simple funnel just consists of a sales page and a thank you page
Leadpages CONS
  • Their stats/analytics often aren't accurate, sometimes they consider things as a "conversion" which aren't truly a conversion
  • There's not as many options/features as Clickfunnels
  • I don't like using them for paid traffic because I feel my paid/cold traffic funnels need more "steps" than the simple funnels that can be built in leadpages
Clickfunnels PROS
  • Anything you want to do is 100% possible
  • Fully customizable
  • GREAT paid template options
  • Designed to convert
  • Offers the ability to set up complex multi-step sales cycles
  • I use them mostly for any offer that's got a longer "customer journey" 
  • I use them mostly for any offers for which I'm using paid traffic, because their stats through each stage of the funnel offer me with insights that help me fix/tweak/improve the funnel
  • It's easy to tell how much money goes into the funnel ad spend wise and how much comes out in sales
  • Example funnel I use clickfunnels for:
    • I run ads to get people to register for a free Million Dollar Business Blueprint Workshop, so tracking stats is easy, it's a high ticket item I end up selling, so the stats are needed to track my ROI. 
    • Funnel is more complex --> facebook ad, register for workshop, thank you page, emails to remind to attend workshop, email with link to attend the workshop, emails for if missed workshop, emails for if attended workshop, application page to apply for a free call with me to get me to build you your own blueprint, emails if they don't show up for the call, emails to get people who didn't apply for a call to apply for a call, page for them to purchase blueprint after they've been on a call with me and I feel they're a good fit
Clickfunnels CONS
  • Their funnels look "salesy" or "marketerish"
  • Often it's "too much" if all you need is basic optin page or a basic sales/thank you page
  • Harder to use and can be more difficult for a beginner
Leadpages = simple, get an email or sell something directly. In my opinion best for non paid marketing and warm audiences (who are more likely to be sold with less steps).
Clickfunnels = complex, get an email, take the customer on a journey (teaching/training/persuading) and eventually sell them something best for paid marketing or cold audiences (who are more likely to be sold with more steps).
And I do suggest using a landing page software, as they are crucial and 10X more effective at getting paining customers and building your list than a typical website/webpage.
Which do you use and why? Let me know in the comments.
And if you are ready to sign up for leadpages or clickfunnels click here (disclaimer I am an affiliate and will earn a small commission if you purchase through this link) but by clicking these links you'll gain access to special offers such as a
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