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Create A Vision Statement

How to create a vision for your business

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The Power Of Vision

Over the past view months I've been going back through my business with a fine tooth comb, and one thing I noticed was that I needed a clearer vision, something to represent my end goals, my future, and something to keep me accountable to each day.

Neurologically, we all process visions when attached to strong emotions to form new neural pathways, reinforcing our brains need to see that vision through. This means that if you can create a vision that creates a strong level of emotion (excitement, desire, love, accomplishment, etc) that you will train your brain to achieve it.

The clearer your vision is, the easier it is for you to work towards it both mentally and physically. For me, a vision has helped to clarify what I should be working on, my next steps, and exactly where I am heading.

When I sat down to create my vision statement I was lacking clarity. I was working on 11 projects in total, and new that this wasn't feasible or efficient and that I was on the hamster wheel spinning to no end.

My goal and focus has been a complete obsession to start my podcast, but I was feeling some pressure both internally and externally to re-focus and prioritize items which would immediately help me to produce income, versus the podcast which wouldn't for some time. I also felt pressured to fix my email sequences (the emails people get when they opt-in to me) and to create a membership site (a place I can have online where members get a login and can have access to all my free resources plus access to a free mini course).

Once I sat down and created my vision statement, it all started to make sense. I was able to figure out the reason I wasn't excited about the other income generating activities was because they were only viable for the short term (I can only mentor so many people one on one). And I was able to see that over the long term, my podcast would be one of my highest generating activities. I was also able to clarify that my main mission is to "Help 10 million people design their dream life by 2020"

"Help 10 million people design their dream life by 2020"

Because of this strong calling and desire to impact a large amount of people, it's absolutely vital that I launch my podcast ASAP, because my podcast represents my greatest tool to reach a large mass of people quickly.

Furthermore my podcast represented the largest single source of income for me moving forward, so I was indeed focused on my mission and income, and was on the right path.

So Here's What My Vision Statement Looks Like

The Top Level - What's Driving Me

On February 25, 2020,

My business now earns $3,000,000 per year in annual revenue at 70% profitability. My take home pay after paying taxes and after reinvesting into the business is $1,800,000

$1,800,000 is $150,000 per month in take home pay, this would allow me:

  • --> Paid off cars
  • --> New dream car
  • --> Paid off house
  • --> Luxury vacations
  • --> Live anywhere in the world I want
  • --> Have a beachouse in miami
  • --> Have an oceanfront house in Santa Monica or Malibu
  • --> Zero financial stress

The Finances - How I'm Earning & Spending

My revenue for the year is coming from the following:

  • Books --> $150,000
  • Speaking --> $150,000
  • Podcast Sponsorships--> $700,000
  • Affiliate Commissions --> $250,000
  • Courses --> $550,000
  • Masterminds --> $450,000
  • Retreats--> $150,000
  • Coaching/Mentoring/Consulting --> 350,000
  • Membership site --> $300,000
My expenses each month are from the following:
  • Video production/editing/sound: 10,000
  • Manager/assistant: 5,000
  • Marketing: 10,000
  • Social media person: 8,000
  • Subscriptions: 1000
  • Website: 1500
  • Other: 500
  • Total $36,000
  • Self payroll: 40,000

I Also Envisioned How I Want To Spend My Time

My week:

  • Monday - work only on podcast (9AM-4PM)
  • Tuesday - work only on content/courses (9AM-4PM)
  • Wednesday - work only on marketing/videos/social media (9AM-4PM)
  • Thursday - work only on my one on one coaching (9-11 am)
  • Friday - brainstorming/vision (9AM-2PM)
  • Saturday - family time 10-2pm, reading/yoga/self time 2-5pm, husband/wifetime
  • Sunday - free time to read/relax, mastermind calls in evenings

Where I Want To Be + Who I Want To Work With

My team is local (not virtual). They work out of a dedicated section of my house that's been totally remodeled into a meeting space/desks/studio section and looks modern and amazing with a separate entrance.

I have a full time social media person, a full time techie/ marketer, a full time video person, and a full time assistant.

My ideal clients are young entrepreneurs who want to change the world, who are driven action takers.

I want to have media attention in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, etc.

I want my colleagues to be Chris & Lori Harder, Grant Cardone, Lewis Howes, etc.

For Travel, I want to live at the beach, and I travel once every 3-4 months on vacation and no more than twice per month for work.

My Impact + My Gratefulness

Impact - I've helped 10 million people to design their dream life. I've had over 50,000 course members. I've had a ted talk or goal cast that went viral, i've had over 1 million downloads on my podcast.

5 things I'm grateful for:

1- The impact i'm making in the world
2- The ability to give back
3- The money and financial freedom
4- The health and happiness of my family
5- That I feel successful, happy, and fulfilled every day

The Results

Less than 24 hours after I created my vision statement I received an email that I had been selected for a call with Chris Harder (one of my "colleagues" on my vision statement). Coincidence? I think not. I had applied for the 2019 mastermind a year in advance and wasn't expecting to join until January 2019, however since this email we've spoken and I've been invited to join his For the Love of Money Mastermind in 2018 itself.

This is the power of a vision. Your mind and the universe responds to clarity. So go and get clear on what your dream life looks like.

Got a vision and ready to get started, learn how to Reverse Engineer Your Income.

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