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Life, Liberty & The Pursuit of Happiness

Are You Doing it Justice?

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I don't usually consider myself a proud American...

I'm a U.S. citizen by birth, as if being born in a particular place entitles you to treatment any different than someone born elsewhere. But the world isn't fair, and the truth is, I'm blessed to live here where I've got the ability to do, be, and have just about anything I could ever want.

That being said, as I've embarked on my life's work, something I take near and dear to my heart I've become mildly obsessed with FREEDOM.

Thank you troops and people from all over the world working towards life and liberty.

You see, we all have the ability to design a life we love. That's a life where we have the freedom to decide how we spend our time, who we spend it with, where we spend it, and to create the resources necessary to support our dreams. Freedom to me includes time freedom, location freedom, and financial freedom.

It is My DUTY

The amount of gratitude I feel that I have the ability to decide my destiny is outstanding, and I consider it my duty to exercise my freedom. I meet with people day in and day out who hate their jobs, their commutes, feel broke, feel broken, feel trapped, and just aren't living a HAPPY life. If you aren't happy, then change it!

"You have the freedom to design a life you love, you just have to decide to exercise it."

We have ONLY ONE Life and We Are Free To Pursue Happiness, So why don't we?

You don't have to go to that job you hate, respond to that email, stay in that broken relationship, or wake up each day without an ounce of joy to live your life. You can decide to do it differently. So many people followed societies path, and it left them miserable and trapped in a life they don't want to live. That degree, those student loans, that car, that commute, that job, that house, it was all what you were supposed to do, so you never stopped to ask what you wanted to do, or more importantly if it was making you happy.

So many people followed societies path, and it left them miserable and trapped in a life they don't want to live

It's not until you reject societal standards that you can reclaim your freedom. Once you realize that following societies path left you lost and stranded, then you have the permission to abandon what's expected of you, or what society thinks, and most importantly you reclaim your rights and embark on your own journey, a journey where your happiness and the pursuit of it dictates your every action.

Life Design Is About FREEDOM

When I tell people I help them design a life they love, what I'm really telling them is that they can be free. They can be free to do what they love, spend time how they please, and decide how much they make. It's all a matter of designing a life that works for you, a life that makes you happy, successful, and fulfilled, a life of freedom.

Freedom Kills Excuses

So often I hear excuses, I have a mortgage and kids... My family will think I'm crazy. I can't afford to just walk away. What they are really saying is that they don't feel free, and that they are too scared to claim their freedom. The truth is you are free to chose how much money you make, and how you make it, and how you spend each moment of the day so that it serves you. And when you realize you are truly FREE excuses become dead to you.

"Our greatest gift and most finite resource is time, yet we've been programmed to trade it for money"

Fear Kills Freedom

What holds people back most is fear, and not the fear of the good life, but the fear that they will fail. Why do they give the excuse, "I can't afford," or "I've got a mortgage and kids," it's because what they are really saying is, "I'm afraid to let my family down, I'm afraid I'll fail, I'm afraid I'm not _______ enough to figure this out, I'm afraid that I'll fail." The truth is so far from that.

You'll Be More Successful

If you were successful at being stuck spending all your time doing things you hated, then how much more successful will you be at doing things you love?

The truth is that you were meant for more, and you know it, that's why you are so unhappy to start with. Maybe home ownership is for you, maybe a degree is for you, and then again maybe it isn't. The key is opening up to the world of possibilities and freedom and potential you have so that you can ask those questions, figure out who you are, and design a life based on the pursuit of happiness.

The number one regret people have at death is wishing they wouldn't spend their time differently. Don't wait until you are out of time to learn the value of your most finite resource.

Time is the only resource we can't get more of, and we don't know how much we'll be gifted until it's too late.

Many times we choose to stay stuck, because as long as we are stuck we are safe, and we are a victim who can blame others. But you aren't stuck, you just haven't been brave enough to chose your destiny.

Do yourself justice, do you life justice, do your family justice, do the world justice, and reclaim the freedom to be who you were born to be without regard for the framework which has been imposed on you. Watch how that enables you to change you life, your families life and transform your impact and your legacy.

"What could you accomplish in just One Year, if you made your daily decisions based on the pursuit of happiness? "

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