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Marketing with Integrity

Why I refuse to compromise my ethics for conversion

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There's this notion from online entrepreneurs, that you've got to give value and content in order to have a successful business. For many people that means freebies: webinars, livstreams, blogs, videos, emails, checklists/downloads. You name it and it's likely been given away.

"Freebies does not always equal sales, in fact they can repel qualified leads"

After hiring "experts" to help me with my marketing, I noticed someone had unsubscribed from my email list, which was pretty uncommon. Whenever this happens I always check to see what email it was that made them unsubscribe.

My heart immediately sank, the email was TERRIBLE , apparently my marketing teams copywriter had created some emails that were so bad, I was EMBARRASSED for myself. I don't remember the exact words, but it basically promised the reader that I could help them "Stop drinking soda, do yoga, and journal daily". I'm not kidding you.

So I decided to STOP emailing my audience, because I knew it was better to leave them alone than to chase them away with messages that didn't represent me or my movement.

That email was a FREE piece of content, so you might ask, what does it have to do with sales. What I've learned through my own experience (when I've been a part of other people's audience), is that BAD FREE VALUE can drive people away.

I remember one of the worlds BEST digital marketers sold me a $2,000 course, with a freebie of a "list of his professional outsourcing contacts" which was exactly what I needed because I'd had trouble hiring the right "experts" you know the copywriters, web developers, funnel builders. After signing up for his FREEBIE, I received a CRAPPY excel spreadsheet with less than 10 contacts. Not only were there so few contacts, but when I reached out to them to inquire upon doing work for me, they weren't even aware they were on this list, and a few of them told me "they aren't taking on clients" or that "I didn't need them".

Wow - I felt DUPED. I felt STUPID.

If you make someone feel stupid, they will never want to interact with you again, regardless of the "value" you can add to their lives

Another time I hired some marketers who insisted I record a webinar, and they market it as a "live webinar" even though it was pre-recorded, and that they use marketing magic to make it appear live. They told me this was what all the "big guys" in the market do. And I refused, because I remembered how it felt to be misled for the sake of conversion, and I vowed that would never happen to any of my audience members.

I remembered how it felt to be misled for the sake of conversion, and I vowed that would never happen to any of my audience members.

There are so so many examples of this, but I've summed up my own personal boundaries below

  • Fake live webinars
  • Fake countdown timers
  • Fake "today only" (you can say today only, only if it's really just today)
  • High pressure sales tactics (such as getting people to say yes without consulting spouse, degrading them when they have objections, and collecting credit card info over the phone)

The truth is, you can make sales without sacrificing your integrity. It's not about the number of clients you close, it's about the number of people who feel like they can trust you. Those people will come back for more, even if they don't buy now they'll remember you when they're ready to buy.


When it comes to me and my business, it's my name, it's my brand, it's my life's work, and I value it way more than my conversion rates (which btw are usually above average).

Just remember all it takes is ONE BAD EXPERIENCE and they won't come back for more.

But more importantly, think about how you would feel if the same tactics were applied to you? When you are working to design a business and life you love, you are working on your life's work. That work has a goal to impact others and to leave a legacy. When you lose your audiences trust, you lose the ability to impact their life, to solve their problems, and to do the work you are called to do, something which shouldn't be taken lightly.

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