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What is The One Year Project Podcast?

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Who is Brianna Zajicek? - Season 1 Episode 00 - Show Notes


  1. I studied how the mind works, particularly how the mind of entrepreneurs work. I wanted to figure out, what are those patterns of success? 10:03

  2. Operating from a place of lack is really difficult, especially when it consumes your every decision. 4:40

  3. I felt maybe I set the wrong goals, maybe I set goals that weren’t aligned with who I really was, because I didn’t know who I really was. 14:29

  4. Once I figured out who I was, I could set better goals. And once I set better goals, I could take everything I knew about rapidly transforming life and the science of success to massively overhaul and transform my life in just one year. 14:38

  5. The One Year Project isn’t about knowing more, it’s about doing more; It is about doing the right things to get the right results to design the right life for the right person. 16:00 ... 16:11


Welcome to The One Year Project! I’m your host Brianna Zajicek, and my goal with this episode is to share who I am and what this podcast is all about.

This is a story about struggle and transformation, and I’m sharing it so that everyone sees they can design a life and business that aligns with everything they are.

I grew up in a small Georgia town. There were a lot of challenges around money and finances in my family, and we were often without running water or power. In an effort to escape an impoverished future, I figured out how to graduate high school early and left that small town at just 1d.

My parents weren’t happy with me grabbing the reins, but I needed to design a better life for myself.

However, poverty is an interesting thing – Even when you make the right moves to escape it, you can’t help how your mind has been programmed. The poverty mindset followed me, I became a teen mom, and I dropped out.

I ended up trapped in this poverty pattern, AGAIN, and I realized I needed to more radically redesign my life. I succeeded, going from a server making minimum wage to earning six figures in just a few months.

I built and sold a number of companies over the next few years. I had everything I thought I wanted, but I wasn’t fulfilled, I wasn’t making an impact on the world, and again I felt the desire to transform my life.

I applied to a PhD program and started researching the science of success, through the lens of entrepreneurship. I wanted to figure out the patterns of entrepreneurial success, and I helped create an AI that could do just that!

Still, I didn’t feel happy or fulfilled… and then my son was diagnosed with cancer.

I gave myself ONE YEAR to follow my heart, find myself, chase my happy, and design a life and business based on who I really was. The One Year Project was born!

I documented my journey on social media, and along the way realized this was my life's work. I had found a way to combine my talent for rapid self-transformation with my work and research on the science of success.

I turned all that into a step-by-step system anyone can use to design a life and business that aligns with who they really are, and achieve it in just one year

So what’s in this podcast for YOU?

Well, there are so many people out there telling inspiring stories and offering their best tips, tricks, and advice… but The One Year Project isn’t about productivity hacks or quick tips – it’s about taking the right actions to get the right results and build the right life for the right person.

So I challenge you to start YOUR One Year Project. It’s completely FREE – you just have to make the decision to start. Get started at

Then I’ll be bringing you three podcasts, every week, to support you along this journey:

  1. On Mondays, you will hear a One Year After episode. These feature a guest who has transformed their life over the course of one year.

  2. On Wednesdays, you will hear a One Year Before episode. I’m going to put a guest in the hot seat, someone who is desperate to have a better life but waking up every day overwhelmed and stuck. We’ll dissect who they are, what they want, and what goals they need to focus on, then give them a master plan to success.

  3. On Fridays, you will hear a One Year Reality episode. In these solo episodes, I’ll share more about the constant process of transforming from who I am right now to who I’m supposed to be.

Let The One Year Project begin!

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