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Screw the Taboo with Brianna Zajicek

· Podcast,Goals,Entrepreneurship,Life Design,Mindset

Screw the Taboo with Brianna Zajicek

In these One Year Reality episodes, I want to share the reality behind massively transforming your life in the hopes of continually turning everything from bad to good, and everything from good to great.

I want to show you that designing a life and business that you love, one that is aligned with who you truly are, is an attainable reality for anyone!

And I want to show you what the reality of what my life and my mind looks like; my hopes, my dreams, my fears, my goals, my tactics, my failures, my successes, my struggles.

I hope you’ll follow me on this journey.

You will learn about:

  • [1:00] Feeling like you don’t fit into your family

  • [4:45] Transforming my life from bad to good (through a lot of adversity)

  • [10:25] Who I am now & where I want to go

  • [20:30] Why I’m sharing my goals with all of you & what happens if I don’t achieve them

  • [24:50] Daily actions I can take to make progress toward my goals

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