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From Olive Garden to Online Entrepreneur with Josh Forti

· Podcast,Entrepreneurship,Marketing,Mindset,Money

Josh Forti is one of the absolute best social media & influencer marketing experts out there. He runs a massive Facebook group called Social Media for Entrepreneurs, where he helps entrepreneurs build better brands and connect with their audience on pretty much a daily basis.

But not very long ago, this young entrepreneur had just dropped out of college and was working a job he hated at Olive Garden – until he just couldn’t take it anymore.

You will learn about:

  • [3:00] Where Josh was one year ago

  • [4:20] The 5 things you need before you can make money online or start a business

  • [6:00] Josh’s tipping point

  • [9:20] Being a broke entrepreneur & investing some of his last $700 into a course

  • [11:00] What to focus on in the early stages of an online business

  • [15:00] The ONE thing that has brought Josh the most success

  • [18:00] When Josh started asking, “Why?”

  • [23:30] Josh’s goal to make $1M in 365 days

  • [25:40] Are you born an entrepreneur or can you become one?

  • [29:00] Dealing with haters & negativity

  • [33:10] Where Josh is today

  • [41:10] Starting a business partnership (and why you maybe shouldn’t)

  • [46:40] What Josh wants to accomplish in the next year

  • [52:20] Josh’s advice for someone who feels unhappy & wants to take action

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