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From 6-Figure Student Loans to Financially Free Coach with Shannon L. O'Neill

· Podcast,Marketing,Mindset,Money,Life Design

Shannon L. O'Neill has already been through so many transformations in her life: she started an online health coaching business, realized it wasn’t aligned with her authentic self, and then shifted her business to confidence coaching.


Being a confidence coach for service-based entrepreneurs does feel in alignment with herself, but she’s running into some obstacles when it comes to growing this new business. Namely, Shannon is running into a wall when it comes to attracting clients.


It’s not because she’s bad at marketing – she’s great at helping others market their businesses – and it’s not because her clients don’t get results, so we uncover the real problems holding Shannon back and draft a One Year Plan to help her overcome them.


You will learn about:

  • [1:30] Why it can be easier to market someone else than yourself

  • [3:45] The transformations Shannon has gone through over the past few years

  • [4:25] Shannon’s thoughts & feelings throughout a normal day

  • [5:20] The rant section

  • [9:20] Wealth, money mindset, & overwhelming student debt

  • [14:40] Love, family, & relationships

  • [18:40] Building a life by design (and why traveling all the time isn’t as glamorous as you might think)

  • [27:00] 3 things Shannon wants to change over the near year & the specific actions she can take to make those changes

  • [35:40] Creating a detailed plan for tackling Shannon’s debt

  • [1:10:10] Shannon’s vision of life one year from now




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