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From Corporate Cubicle To NY Fashion Week With Stephanie Kelly

· Entrepreneurship,Mindset,Life Design,Goals,Podcast

Season 1 - Episode 1 - Show Notes

I recently met today’s guest, Stephanie Kelly, in a mastermind group. We immediately formed a friendship, and I knew I had to share this amazing story about her transformation over the past year.



Stephanie followed other people’s dreams for her life for almost a decade, but she eventually hit a wall – her corporate cubicle was sucking her life away, and she realized she had to make a change so she went back to school.


This time, though, Stephanie decided to do things differently: she enrolled in beauty school to create a life around her own passions and dreams. Now she’s making just as much money as she did in her corporate job, but feeling infinitely more fulfilled as The SoulFULL Stylist. And by this time next year, she’s going to be at NY Fashion Week.


You will learn about:

  • [0:55] Who Stephanie was & what her career was like just one year ago

  • [3:00] Following other people’s dreams for our lives

  • [5:30] How Stephanie changed her life over the past year

  • [6:50] Experiencing & overcoming resistance from other people in your life

  • [9:35] Stephanie’s advice for someone who wants to start living more authentically & chase their dreams

  • [11:00] Where Stephanie is today

  • [12:05] How Stephanie felt at her lowest & how she feels today

  • [12:55] Overcoming other personal & emotional obstacles

  • [14:10] Stephanie’s big dreams for the next year

  • [15:25] How you can design your life to accomplish big goals



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