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From Solopreneur to CEO with Andrew Walton

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Scaling A Marketing Agency Despite Obstacles

Season 1 - Episode 2

Andrew Walton, AKA The Mad Hatter of Marketing, is successful in so many rights – but he isn’t satisfied with sitting still. And although Andrew has flourished in his career, he deals with health challenges that are forcing him to reevaluate his life’s work.

We dissect what Andrew feels is really holding him back now (hint: it’s not actually his physical health), where he wants to in one year, and the plan he can follow to get there.

You will learn about:

  • [1:00] What The One Year Project looks like for someone who already has a level of freedom

  • [2:00] Dealing with health challenges & physical limitations at work

  • [9:15] Striving for the next level

  • [10:20] Where Andrew does & doesn’t feel successful

  • [13:45] Being your own limiting factor

  • [15:45] Building excitement into every day

  • [16:40] Why Andrew’s physical limitation is actually not the biggest challenge in his day-to-day life

  • [20:00] The difference between saving and investing

  • [22:30] Andrew’s current wealth goals & one-year vision

  • [25:55] 3 goals that will radically transform Andrew’s life in the next year

  • [28:45] Questions that help clarify the action steps necessary to accomplish those goals

  • [41:45] How Andrew can solve his biggest problem

  • [49:30] What it will take for Andrew to accomplish all 3 of his goals

  • [56:50] Andrew’s three-month plan, including the daily action that will move him forward

Andrew’s One Year Project

Andrew has three goals over the next year:

  1. Doubling his current income, but in a way that he is not doing the technical work; transitioning into a CEO role.

  2. Training himself to run a six-minute mile again.

  3. Helping 36 people (3 per month) change their lifestyle and create financial freedom.

Accomplishing all of that means he has to simultaneously create more time and wealth, but that’s impossible to do if Andrew remains the only person writing copy in his business.

So the one thing that will radically change his life is learning to trust another person (or multiple other people) to work on writing, which will free up more time and resources to accomplish his other goals and make a greater impact.

So the one daily action that will move Andrew towards his goal is, every single day, setting aside 30 minutes to build his team.

It’s that easy!

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