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The 48 Laws of Launch

Sell Out Your Next Launch

· Entrepreneurship,Social Media,Marketing
  1. Pick Thy Poison - one product/service launched at a time

  2. Become an Authority - you need to become the expert in your community

  3. Define Thy Tribe - who cares, who needs what you are offering

  4. Know Thy Audience - what are their goals, complaints, problems, what books do they read, podcasts do they listen to, where do they live, how do they think

  5. Ask Them What They Need - have them tell you what to build

  6. Sell First Build Second - pre-sell it, then build it, never build it and expect them to come

  7. Give Away Teasers - But Never The Whole Shebang - draw them in with amazing free value, but don’t give them all the answers

  8. Keep Them Excited - momentum is a snowball, keep it rolling, stay consistent

  9. Prove It Works - how do they really know?

  10. Gain Trust - not just in you, but in what you offer, they must trust both

  11. Make Them Beg - tease them incessantly until they beg for more info

  12. Never Underestimate the Power of Exclusivity - people want to be different, important, help them feel that way

  13. Collaborate - multiple and amplify your message with intelligent collaborations

  14. Spread Awareness - because if they don’t know who you are or what you offer they can’t buy

  15. Use Their Words Against Them - survey them, use their own words on the sales page and posts

  16. Make Them Want What You Have - never underestimate the power of envy and jealousy

  17. Drive Traffic - the more eyes the better your odds of sales

  18. Create Coherency - your entire positioning must be coherent with what you are offering, your freebies, your emails, your social media, your story, your brand, your build up, your offer

  19. Be About What You’re About - stop randomly going in 10 directions, stay focused on who you are and what you are and show obsession

  20. Get Them Hooked → Then Increase Prices

  21. Always Leave Something To The Imagination - it will keep them coming back

  22. Over Deliver - they must get more results than they expected

  23. Keep It Simple - make buying it simple, make using it simple, make spreading their results simple

  24. Stack Your Value - it just keeps going up and up

  25. Create a Journey - take them on a journey to educate, infiltrate, and make them obsessed

  26. Measure Everything - know the potholes in your journey

  27. Improve One Thing At A Time - so you know what’s actually working and what isn’t

  28. Know Your Niche - become the king

  29. Solve Only One Problem - but solve it well

  30. Us vs. Them - make them feel you are one of them

  31. Create a Cult Not a Brand - the more obsessed the better, have your own lingo, you own terms, your own practices, and watch how the culture spreads like wildfire

  32. Get them to say yes to something simple - then up the ante

  33. Appeal to self interest - that’s what makes people buy, what’s in it for them

  34. Be Unpredictable - keep them guessing

  35. Plan it Out in Advance - have a strategy, and never deviate, stick to the plan

  36. Control the Options - make them have only one choice - to win or to lose

  37. Master Your Story - make them feel it deeply and make it resonate

  38. Give Away Free Lunch - build a sense of friendship and they’ll return the favor

  39. Give Them Exactly What They Want - Nothing More Nothing Less

  40. Create Commitment - Something small they can’t refuse, it builds a pattern

  41. Play on our survival instincts - Everyone wants to survive, think fight or flight, food/home/protection/safety

  42. Make them build it with you - Everyone loves their own creation

  43. Make them want into your “cool” kids club - no outsiders allowed

  44. Make Time Limited - now or never

  45. Paint pictures - what will happen if they don’t take you up on your offer

  46. Now or never - use it

  47. Play on impulse - they gotta have it now

  48. Stand out - all publicity is good publicity (think Tai Lopez)

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